venerdì 13 aprile 2012

Dinner with the murder

I went to the Dinner with the murder at Ca Bianca, Via Lodovico il Moro, Milan.
I have to admit I passed a really good evening, a little bit different… quite good to change sometimes :P
When I arrived to the local, a receptionist informed us in which table we would be placed. Every table has a different name: mine was Lieutenant Colombo, but there were others like Jessica Fletcher, Montalbano, Zenigata…
During this dinner you sit with other people, that you don’t know, so you talk, pass the evening and you try to solve the mistery.
I was in a little table, we were 6, there were others that were 12.

When everybody is seated, the waiter brings an appetizer, consisting of vegetable strudel with spiced ricotta mousse.
It was really good!
After, more or less, everybody finishes the plate, four actors enter in the room and the game begins: a man had been killed and there were three suspects. At the end of the presentation, the actors go around the tables and you can ask questions in order to solve the case.
Then you eat the first course: Trofie Genovese .

I started to feel full XD
Then actors return, there are twists and then they answer to other questions.
The same goes after the main course (I’m sorry but I don’t have pictures) which consisted on chicken curry with rice pilaf and vegetable caponata.
At the time of the cake ( Caprese with raspberry sauce) you had to say who was the murder, the reason and the dynamics.
And at our table… We won!!!
We won a bottle of champagne that we happily split at the end of the evening.

The resolution of the case? Find out by going to dinner with the Crime :P

Sally Yeroham
PS: On request you can have a vegetarian menu.

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