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Interview with Director Joel Franco

Hello dear readers!
The Oscars are coming and we have a little surprise for you!
We got an interview with director Joel Franco!   (For the Italian version click HERE )

He was borned in Italy, but when he was a teenager, moved to the United States.
There he graduated.
He has given courses at USC (Univ. Southern California) and opened his company Chesapeake Films.
He started this career because it's always been his passion since he was a child. To help you understand: he went around home with the camera in hand trying to figure out how to improve, how to capture the details and tell a story.
In 2012 he received an award at the Lucerne Festival, the “Award of Merit” for the documentary One Man's Journey to Truth shot in New Zealand, which has received many positive reviews.

Thanks for taking your time! Oscars approaching, but before you give us your predictions ... which are your favorite movies?
"It is a pleasure. I have many favorite movies. Among them I would say there are Little Lord Fauntleroy, Limelight (Charlie Chaplin) and The Best Years of Our Lives (William Wyler)."

Who are the directors who have most influenced you?
"Surely Steven Spielberg because he knows how to tell stories in a unique way. Wyler William because he creates fully developed characters, even in their nuances. Peter Wier and Roberto Rossellini for similar reasons. They all know how create stories, characters and music to get a unique film "

What do you love the most about your job?
"Creating something from its infancy. To develop the project from the beginning until it is a complete film. It's magic. And to work with a team together, pushing toward the same goal. Nothing like it. there is no film without a great team behind you"

Can you reveal some of your current project?
"At the moment I'm working on a thrilogy, a thriller to be precise. We were inspired by the books of Susan Ouellette. We are also shopping "Poe" a script by Charles Long about Edgar Allan Poe, America first rock and roll artist, as well as a script by Steve Gallup, based on his own book "What about the Boy" chronicles a family's rejection of hopelessness and their pursuit of a normal life.  Moreover, from March/April, we will begin to make a documentary about Dino Costa( Dino Costa is a famous sport commentator in the States who hosts a sports radio show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio) 

Now the big question of this last period: who will win the Oscar for you?
"Best movie: Argo
Best Director Steven Spielberg
Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis (Lincoln)
Best Actress Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty)
Best Supporting Actor Christoph Walz (Django Unchained)
Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables)
Best Foreign Film: Amour "

Thanks for taking your time and good luck for your next projects!

If you want more information about Dino Costa's documentary:

If you want more information about Joel Franco:


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